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Special English

Special English courses are offered in 3 main courses:

1. Business English

Business English –is the language that is used in a daily conversation by the businessmen, managers and other employees of the organization. The English language is the main tool for the successful conclusion of international agreements, signing contrasts, and for providing information in discussions and presentations.. As a rule, those who want to get a good post position in the world face with the lack of their English knowledge, that is growing day by day. The training program is prepared on the basis of the specific survey of the company.

The list of basic topics for training business English are the followings:

• Personal development

• Corporate culture

• Dealing with customers

• Business operations
• Sales
• Managing conflict
• Building a career

2. Legal English

Legal English is the official business language mainly used by lawyers and employees being busy with a law. This language is basically used in documentation and transactions that stipulated under the law and at the same time it is used in other fields where official business language is required. Our Legal English school is planned for those who work in Azerbaijani authorities and want to improve their Legal English speaking and writing skills according to the demand of their job. A compilation of academic programs of Legal English are available with different options in the following areas:

• English for Lawyers
• The language of Contracts and Agreement

• The language of Commercial Law

3. English for Oil and Gas İndustry

English for Oil and Gas is designed for those who work in the oil and gas sector and are not native speakers. This course is mainly designed for drillers, technicians, engineers, safety (HSE) professionals including office employees working in the energy sector. Besides it all students and professionals who are going to make their career on one of the above mentioned specialties in oil and gas sector can update their knowledge of the course.

WSL is the largest partner of SOCAR-AQS on this project now. About 30 people working in the sea and 10 office employees are being taught on the related specialties on a few programs in this project.

Company WSL operates with 70% of cooperative and 30% of individual clients. If you apply as an individual client, it is necessary to register and hire the place in September or January. If you want to take a course with professional staff of teachers from the USA, Great Britain and Australia, including local teachers studied and experienced abroad, information is as follows:

WSL ( see: About Us and Projects ) and you get information about our offered courses. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Come to our office after registration, notify us about your objectives and needs and get professional advice from Education Manager. You get all needed courses and professional advice referred to the program after taking an entry test. An entry test is free , it lasts nearly 1 or 1.5 hour and is checked in a day. At the same time you write down your free hours in order to the right placement according to your results and schedule. Our office staff contacts you and gives information about your definite lesson duration and guarantee period. So you get student status of WSL. After starting classes:
Trial exams are held according to the implementation of weekly or monthly classes and due to your results you get professional advice from Education Manager and teacher.
When you finish level, you take the exam and move onto next level. If guarantee period finished and you have some difficulties in passing to next level , additionally, new lessons are defined by our company in order to completely finish the level. You get complete fluency in English after finishing B2 Level and taking the exam you get WSL certificate. Our certificate is recognized by international cooperators. Lessons conducted on Kaplan Methodology , including separate and average total score accordance with each section, such as; listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary are noted in the certificate.

WSL holds all the English language stages for levels according to the world adopted Common European Framework of Reference for languages ( CEFR ). To complete level, depending on individual and group lessons , 2-4 months are required.
A1 - the other names Breakthrough Level or Beginner Level: introducing yourself and communication in a simple way and writing skills.

A2 - the other names Way Stage Level or Elementary Level: giving basic personal and family information, communication in simple sentences and writing skills.

B1 - the other names Threshold or Pre-intermediate Level: comprehension skills based on family, work, school and general topics' context, including communication by expressing thoughts and wishes in similar topics and writing skills.

B2 - the other names Vantage Level or Intermediate Level: comprehension skills on different topics and writing skills. Basically, this level gives you an opportunity to work for some companies in Azerbaijan. B2 level is also appropriate to start preparing for IELTS , TOEFL and the other international exams.

C1 - the other names Effective Operational Proficiency Level or Upper-intermediate Level: expressing and writing complex thoughts, making up long sentences in Academic and Professional environment.

C2 - the other names Mastery Level or Advanced Level: it's already at the level of mother tongue, and covers communication and writing idioms, using phrases, complex expressions both in academic and spontaneous situations.
Local instructors teach A1 - C1 levels, foreign instructions A2 - C2



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